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Choosing A Riad In Marrakech

If you are going to be traveling to Morocco, one of the best things to do is look for your choices of a riad in Marrakech on this page : This is a beautiful region that is filed with all sorts of sights, sounds and experiences of Morocco that will surely leave you with plenty of amazing memories. During the day, you will be able to go out for sightseeing, take on a local excursion or even do some shopping. When the sun sets, there are fabulous restaurants that you can discover along with some of the most wonderful entertainment including belly dancers, acrobats, snake charmers and much more. All you need to do is decide where you would like to stay while you are here on vacation.

You can ask any of the locals, travel agents that you are familiar with or anyone who has been to Morocco and they are all sure to tell you that a riad in Marrakech is the absolute best choice if you are looking to have an authentic experience. A riad is another name for home in Moroccan culture. Stemming from the Arabic word meaning garden, many riads will often have an interior courtyard or a garden that guests can enjoy. In this central garden, you will often find that there is a water feature such as a waterfall or a fountain that is surrounded with fruit trees such as oranges or lemons.

A riad in Marrakech is built to help give shelter from the hot sun of North Africa, often decorated with some smaller windows that are on the exterior of the building. The inside is constructed with a number of rooms that will lead into the courtyard in the center and there is usually plenty of space available for your choice in both indoors and outdoors or open space accommodations. Depending on what you are looking for, you may be able to pick from a riad that is set up almost like a resort or a smaller boutique hotel.

With most of the riads being family run businesses, you will usually see that there are a couple of rooms or even one room that can be booked at a time. There are plenty of amazing furnishings and decorations that will make you feel as though you are fully wrapped up in the local culture. Hosts are warm and hospitable, most of them even helping to point out some of the best spots for dining and shopping. In some situations, the riad hosts will even act as your guide, helping to organize day trips for your party, book dining reservations and much more.

When you are ready to book your vacation to Morocco, you are going to find that there are plenty of beautiful riads that you can choose from. Once you set your sights on Marrakech, you are going to have plenty on your schedule that you can see, do and enjoy during your stay. Your choice in the perfect riad will help you to make the most out of a beautiful vacation.

Oukaïmeden Ski Resort - Space for Fun

Morocco is a country where you will find all sorts of satisfactions and sources of fun, especially since there you will admire varied and attractive natural spaces that include forests, caves, mountains, plains, beaches, etc. The Oukaïmeden resort near Marrakech is an excellent example of the magical beauty of the High Atlas Mountains and the magnificence of natural spaces of Morocco, and offers you the chance to practice all your favourite mountain sports and hobbies.

Located over 10,000 feet high on the chain High Atlas mountain range, Oukaïmeden is the highest ski resort in Africa and the best equipped in Morocco, with natural snowfall from December to February. Located just 36 miles southeast of Marrakech, this lovely resort of over 300 hectares is an ideal place for the practice of all sorts of winter sports.

On its 3 green tracks, 4 blue, 8 red and 3 black, and a total of about 12.5 miles of tracks, Oukaïmeden is a fantastic destination for skiing or snowboarding. The resort is equipped with a chairlift (the highest in Africa at 7,550 feet) and 6 ski lifts (with a capacity for 4000 people per hour). All facilities are located at the foot of a range of mountains, with the Oukaïmeden Mountain at 10,738 feet, the Attar Mountain at 10,689 feet and the Ngouri Mountain 11,857 feet.

All sorts of amenities and advantages can be found during your ski stay at Oukaïmeden. And, yes, you are in Marrakech and we are talking about snow! First of all, the resort enjoys much more sunshine than all the important French resorts thanks to its latitude. Then, the scenery is fantastic and the village has retained its original and authentic architecture, with wood cabins in front of the mountains and towering peaks (quite an odd sight considering you are in Morocco). Finally, you can relish the typical tagines, pastillas, and couscous on the numerous terraces of restaurants nearby. What a luxury!

And, most of all, you are really at the very heart of nature, a real breath of fresh air a few miles from the Red City. There are also routes available to those who have a passion for cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. For those who are not fans of slides, there are other possible activities, such as walks on foot or on mule, paragliding and hang-gliding, climbing, and carp fishing on the small lakes.

On the history side, you can see rock paintings scattered on the site, sometimes in the midst of houses, representing cattle, elephants, sun wheels, and daggers dating from the Bronze Age, around 2100 BC.

For lovers of botany, numerous species of trees and plants can be admired, including oaks, cedars, and Aleppo pines, as well as beautiful flowers such as orchids and wild daffodils or Lent lilies. For those who are interested in ornithology, Oukaïmeden is the ideal place for watching birds of all kinds with enchanting names, like the Levaillant’s Cuckoo, the pink-winged Finch, the Wheatear, the Horned Lark, the bearded vulture and even the Golden Eagle. Other animals that can be spotted in the region are mountain gazelles, viper snakes, and if you're really lucky, rare leopards of Morocco.

A panoramic map of Tizegard plateau conceived in 1952 will help you find your way around the Oukaïmeden massif. The station is a base for staying at any season, in the summer to get away from the stifling Marrakech heat and in winter for a splendid change of scenery.

In short, your visit to Marrakech will not be complete without a visit to the Oukaïmeden resort, which welcomes you to a romantic and magical stay away from all stress and all worries. Also, you will breathe a pure and clean air at the heart of the magical Atlas Mountains, which promise you an unforgettable and exciting holiday.

Merzouga Dunes - Another View of the Desert

The dunes of Merzouga offer a splendid and unique sight of the Sahara Desert. And a trip to Morocco would not be complete if one does not visit the famous sand dunes. With its orange sand that cannot be found anywhere else and are said to have different therapeutic properties, the dunes of Merzouga are the ideal place for some unforgettable adventures and for some fun camel rides too! You can travel around the dunes while familiarizing yourselves with the nomads and their unique culture and the regional customs of the Sahara, with its music and its delicious cuisine.

The dunes of Merzouga are formed by the unique Saharan Erg, which is on the Moroccan territory. Covering a huge plot of about twenty miles in length and width, it is crossed by very high dunes that can reach a height of over 500 feet!

The dunes of Merzouga

Also known as the dunes of Erg Chebbi, these dunes are a beautiful oasis. It is a rather vast area with dense vegetation, which is always a surprising thing to find in a desert, especially in the case of the Sahara. As is the case for most of oases, a water source can also be found near the dunes of Merzouga.

The legends of olden times say that the emergence of the most impressive dunes in Morocco is the result of punishment. They say that local families once refused to lend their aid to poor people who were in distress while they were in full celebration. And it is to punish this attitude that dunes would become what they are today. And they kept their issues until now.

Appearing as true moving sculptures that change their colours according to the intensity of light, the dunes of Erg Chebbi offers the most breathtaking sight.


Whichever time of day you chose to explore the dunes of Merzouga, you can expect to be amazed. All sorts of sensations are waiting for you. And in addition to the discovery of another face of nature, you can also discover different species of animals and birds that live in this region of Morocco. And you will certainly notice that the dunes of Merzouga take superb and different shapes at night.

During the summer, the dunes are a perfect place to relax or to relieve rheumatism by performing a hot sand bath.

The Merzouga dunes exhibit a unique and different face of nature that exemplifies the natural variety of Moroccan landscape. If you want to get a chance to discover this fantastic space, come to Marrakech, the best destination and starting point to your desert adventure. Take the route that will guide you to immerse yourselves in the heart of the Moroccan desert and enjoy the charm of life in a tent in a unique decor full of tranquillity and safety, in a warm and peaceful ambiance. `